The Art of Lauren

Studio 9

Everybody’s welcome in Artist Illustrator Lauren Sebastian’s magical, little Sloop Studio. Come along and meet the mystical Non-ordinary Beings, colourful fairies and beautiful Gaia Elementals whom emerge here, from non-ordinary reality.

​​​One of Lauren’s favourite creative processes is ‘doodle smudging’ – a term she may have originated, but a process you might recognise.​


The spontaneity is exciting and authentic because I have no idea what will emerge from the colourful smudges on the paper or canvas at the beginning of this process

Lauren loves drawing in black ink and she also adores colour!​ ​​Painting from her imagination suits Lauren’s colourful and illustrative approach…

​​Lauren will sometimes create commissioned portraits, which she adores painting in her colourful, vibrant style.

Original paintings and giclée prints on paper or canvas are available for sale all year round.


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