Maxine Pharoah

Studio 3

Alongside the range of clocks, chalkboards, mirrors and plaques are many handmade things only available from Maxine’s studio: Little bird sculptures made from clay and painted wooden blocks, stitched and embroidered dogs and cats on stands, necklaces, pincushions and paintings.

New for this year are embroidered linen bags and beautiful apron dresses with whimsical birds and leaves embroidered onto them. There is a rail of 100% soft one-off cashmere upcycled cardigans and jumpers – Some with spots or stripes, some with yarns and sari ribbon edgings, with foliage and bird imagery simply embroidered on to pockets or back panels. With the smaller pieces of cashmere, a range of beautifully coloured scarves which are individually designed, handmade and embroidered. For the colder months super soft cashmere wrist warmers and the newest products are cashmere leg warmers, perfect for extra warmth when dog walking or practising yoga.

Maxine also produces a range of personalised children’s gifts. Pop in and say hello.


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